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BSG Academy Student News

  • 10/01/2018 update: The previous training camp students successfully got the offer of two Fortune 500 companies, and successfully increased salary by 25%+, and officially joined in October.
  • 9/14/2018 update: In the last training camp, students successfully quit, got the offer of two Fortune 500 companies, and successfully increased their salary by 25%+.
  • 9/10/2018 Update: Another student got the Offer and got the contractor work contract through BSG. Started to officially go to work.
  • 8/20/2018 Update: A remote trainee successfully obtained the West Coast Consulting Company offer after systematic training, and the negotiated salary increased by 15%!
  • 7/30/2018 Update: A trainee (BSG Intern) officially joined as a member of the BSG consulting team and officially entered the office.
  • 7/24/2018 Update: After the latest intensive career development intensive training, a student has successfully obtained the offer of a well-known listed company, and under the guidance of several rounds of negotiations, successfully raised the salary by 5 digits. congratulations!

Our Advantage

Boston Software Group is a professional IT consulting and training company based in Boston that radiates across the United States and develops the international consulting market. We have the professional development advantages that are unmatched by general training institutions.

BSG direct job opportunities

BSG provides outstanding opportunities for students, including OPT, OPT Extension, part-time or full-time positions, as well as H1B Sponsorship, H1B Transfer, etc..

Opportunities for various technology companies Partnering with BSG

As a business and technology consulting firm, we have extensive and in-depth relationships and networking with leading technology companies.

For example: Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, Dell-EMC, MuleSoft, APIGee, Progress, ...

BSG directly serves the opportunities of various industry client companies

As a business and technology consulting firm, we provide consulting services to our clients to build recognition and trust in the capabilities of BSG's brand and consulting teams. (Please contact us directly for information about our customer company)

Opportunities for various consulting firms and Staffing companies

We work with a wide range of consulting firms and staffing companies in the Boston and US states. The in-depth cooperation we have established in the cooperation directly creates many in-house job opportunities.


I-983 OPT-STEM Extension

H1-B Application Petition


Target Audience

All the students who are graduating in the job search

Workplace newcomers who work 0-5 years and seek job-hopping/transfer/professional ascent opportunities


Through a day of intensive training:

Get a personalized, professional assessment report

Learn to create a resume that fits perfectly with your business

Field drill interview skills

Understand the survival rules of the American workplace

Learn salary negotiation, less struggle for N years

Do a good job in personal planning and achieve rapid improvement after entering the job


09:30 - 10:30

Career Development Keynote Speech

10:45 - 11:45 Getting started With Your Career

What kind of talents do companies need?

How to package yourself into the most competitive "product"

12:00 - 13:00

Lunch + networking

13:00 - 14:30 Advanced Job Search

Mock interview drill

Practical case analysis

14:45 - 16:15 Workplace Promotion

American Workplace 101 - American Workplace Survival Guide

Career planning and personal career improvement

How to talk elegantly with the boss about the promotion and salary increase

16:30 - 17:30 Panel Discussion

Work experience sharing

Company recruitment introduction

Provide on-site resume

Note: Each student is required to submit a resume and a short self-introduction three days before the start of the course to facilitate the instructor to conduct targeted counseling on site.


Keynote Speaker: TBD

Brandies University entrepreneurial mentor, who has personally brought many student entrepreneurship projects over the years, has extensive business and technical consulting and training experience.

Founded in 2017, Boston Software Group, Inc., and established a research organization, Pure iLab Technology Lab, focusing on cutting-edge technology research.

In 2017, as one of Co-founder, UBQ Systems was established under the framework of Boston Software Group, specializing in IoT commercial product technology development.

Has served many large companies, IT industry nearly 20 years of experience, senior architects, consultants and senior management

Master of Science, Boston University, Bachelor of Science, Peking University

Serving Staples and CVS, and completing the leap from temporary workers to Senior Manager in 5 years

Lectures from a number of colleges and universities in the Boston area, knowing the pain points of international students seeking job/job

Years of experience in the top 500 company interviewers

Master of Statistics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Master of Marketing, University of Alabama

Panel TalkTalk

The training camp for this training camp is pending. Stay tuned.


Boston Software Group – Metro West Office

209 W Central St Suite 304

Natick, MA 01760


(Compare Industrial avg: $1000/day training)

Promotion Price: $498

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Lynn Zhang (Data Scientist)

“The BSG professional training camp helped me a lot, helped me to get the Data scientist offer of the listed company and increased the salary by five figures. The teacher analyzed my strengths and weaknesses and made good suggestions based on my previous failed interview experience. In the interview process, help me analyze how to deal with the interviewers. In the process of paying salary, we will guide the strategy in detail. Thank you very much for the meticulous guidance of Mr. Yu Jie, thank you for the hard work of BSG teachers, recommend to work or want to go up. Partners who are working on salary increases."

---- Lynn Zhang, Data Scientist, Boston

Fango Lin (Digital Intelligence Manager)

”I was a bit skeptical when I first signed up for this Career Development Bootcamp, wondering how much I could get out of it as I was in my professional career for 7 years. It turned out mind-blowing. The bootcamp was very career driven at all levels, you could find it helpful no matter you are job-seeking, job-changing or trying to level up in your own job. All advice are spot-on and practical. Yujie did a very great job identifying different pain points of every attendees, and assisting everyone with customized solutions. For me, the salary negotiation skills I picked up, definitely helped me to get a higher pay for a new job! ”

---- Fango Lin, Marketing Manager at SharkNinja, Boston

邱媛 (oFree Founder)

"As a multimedia design student, I participated in some software development projects in the BSG training process, got the opportunity to work with other people to form a team, accumulated a lot of project experience, and later my job search and entrepreneurship. They are very helpful. I am currently the designer of Victoria's Secret and the founder of the oFree App. I am about to start a full-time business soon! I am very grateful to Julian for his guidance and help in my work, job search and later entrepreneurship! "

---- 邱媛,UI/UX 设计师,Victoria’s Secret 咨询设计师,oFreee App的创始人,New York City

Liu Mubing (Software Engineer)

“The experience of working with Julian on BSG when I graduated was a crucial part of my transition from student to newcomer. Under Julian’s leadership, I had the opportunity to experience the actual software development process, which made me In the following work, I lost a lot of panic and gained a lot of self-confidence. In addition, Julian gradually cultivated my leadership ability and opened my eyes on my work and interaction with others, which benefited me a lot. Lucky to know Julian, he has inspired me a lot of work and life, and I am very happy that Julian will share his successful experience and unique insights to more students."

---- Mubing Liu, Graduated from Boston University, Working as Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP, New York City

Le Deng (IT Consultant)

“I am very pleased to see that BSG can provide vocational training for newcomers, because I have had similar experiences. The resume is smashed, the interview is brushed, and the whole job search process is full of twists and turns. Looking back, if you can find an effective one, The method, I believe that job search can do more with less. BSG training is out of this goal. It has been a long time since I met with the founder of BSG, Julian. I have worked together before. I rarely find a strong ability in all aspects, and I am active. Julian is like this. Not only in professional fields, but also in relationships, Julian is very concerned about the people around him. Regardless of your background, he will try to give support and help. For those who have just entered the workplace. Everyone, instead of working hard, it is better to listen to the experience of people, maybe it will be more inspiring for you."

---- Le Deng, IT Consultant,Udemy Instructor Entrepreneur,Boston

姜巍 (Platform Engineer)

"I am very fortunate to have participated in two projects led by Julian and benefited a lot. Julian has unique insights in architecture and development, and is good at guiding and developing new people's potential, improving our team's communication skills and technical sensitivity. As a New graduates are often indispensable, and what is lacking is a suitable guide, giving us a direction to break through the limitations. I think this is what Julian and BSG are focused on and good at."

---- 姜巍 (Steve), Graduated from Northeastern University, Working as Platform Engineer for Tracelink, Boston

Jenny Wu (PM Consultant)

“I am very appreciative of an open platform such as BSG, sharing expert experience, providing various solutions to support individualized personal career development. Once I insisted on my job search goals, the job search process was quite challenging. Julian was professional and dedicated, and presented me with a resume. Suggested changes and reminded me to highlight my international project manager experience; when I got the offer, I reminded me and gave me a lot of support. Yujie is very efficient, both for job search and personal career path. Inspire and help. I hope more people will benefit from BSG's platform and training programs."

---- Jenny Wu, PM Consultant, Boston




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